• STANISIC Law Office was founded in 2001 by Tanja Stanisic, whose love for practicing law started in 1997, and it was motivated by her aspiration to work independenltly and intention of following her vision of providing high quality services to the clients, building good reputation in this area of expertise, and achieving both professional and personal satisfaction.

    The Office team consists of lawyers and junior colleagues - trainee lawyers who are all efficient and meticulous in their work, highly devoted to coming up with ideas for every conflict situation. We distinguish ourselves by our good mutual communication, continuous exchange of ideas and opinions and discussions regarding law interpretations and ideas by which we can resolve any legal conflict and achieve all targets the clients may require from us.

    The Office mostly develops its practice in the area of general commercial law, i.e. business law in general.However,we also provide services in all areas of law and legal practice inseparably linked with business activities of the clients who are legal entities, and in particular: contract law, representation before the courts in commercial disputes, employments disputes, defence in criminal proceedings for commercial criminal offences, labour and employment law consultancy, legal support in negotiations on investments in business development programs, reorganisation and financial restructuring etc.. In the same manner, we offer services to individuals, mostly in the area of property law.

    The Office is a member of IUSFUL European Legal Network – a network of law firms from several European countries through which we accomplish another important segment of our practice by providing support to our colleagues from abroad, i.e., to their clients who need legal assistance for their business activities in Serbia as well as to our clients who require legal support overseas. We have also developed strong relationships with several recognized local law offices and we team up with them always when a certain client’s project requires engagement of a larger legal team. For some important non-legal areas, though inseparable from our core services, such as accounting and tax law,t, we have developed relationship with outsource expert consultants who become members of our team if necessary. Owing, primarily, to the provision of consultancy services to the clients operating in the financial industry we have developed extremely good relationship with competent regulatory authorities in Serbia, which we find it very important in terms of support to the clients which business is under their supervision.

    We pride ourselves in the fact that we have been representing most of our clients without interruption ever since they first commenced their business operation.

Corporate & M&A

We have been working on the development of our practice in the area of corporate law ever since the Office has been established and within this area of law we have so far provided company incorporation services of all legal forms to all our clients; we have advised clients on best corporate governance structure, on shareholders relationship issues, on the means of company financing, on company representation; we have represented clients in takeover proceedings both as the legal counsel of the seller or the legal cousel of the buyer of the capital; we carried out company status changes, company liquidation proceedings in various fields of business in addition to all other proceedings resulting in status changes of companies.

Our services in the area of corporate law include:

  • Company incorporation, counseling services related to all incorporation issues and issues related to the commencement of the company's operation,
  • Company's data change; changes in corporate governance, original capital increse procedure, original capital decrease procedure etc.
  • Drawing up resolutions of the competent corporate governance bodies (general meeting, supervisory board and board of directors resolutions),
  • Status change: acquisition, merger, division, spin-off,
  • Representation of the buyer of the capital, participation in the negotiation process, advising in relation to the company takeover proceedings, reviewing all company documents in the form of Due Diliggence reports, drawing up takeover transaction documents and logistic support to the transaction completion,
  • Representation of the seller of the capital, participation in the negotiation process, review and consultancy with respect to the transaction documents,
  • Liquidation proceedings, logistic support to the company's accounting office until the proceedings are completed as well as before other institutions (tax authorities).

General commercial

We offer full legal service to the clients who are legal entities, if such have no their own legal departments, and we are, therefore, able to provide and render services and apply practical knowledge in the field of the client's core business, particularly the following: general commercial contracts and commercial contracts related to the client's core business, participation in negotiating new business deals, monitoring the changes of the regulations and harmonizing bylaws, providing legal opinions on disputable legal relationship. Apart from advising on core business, we also provide legal advice on ancillary matters such as: labour law and employment issues, monitoring and procedures used in creditor-debtor relationship, enforcement proceedings for debt collection, investments in real estate and other real estate issues etc.

Our services in the area of general commercial law involve:

  • Providing continuous legal advices and providing legal opinions in connection with specific legal issues,
  • Drawing up all commercial contracts, contracts analyses and consultancy in negotiating new business deals,
  • Real estate project development and supporting clients in the real estate leasing,
  • Drafting company bylaws, monitoring regulation changes and harmonizing with regulation changes related to the client's core business,
  • Labour issues consultancy and drawing up employment related documents,
  • Creditor-debtor relationship consultancy and preparation of the documents in connection with debt collection including representation in the bankruptcy proceedings over the debtor,
  • Legal support and consultancy in out-of-court dispute settlement as well as out-of-court debt collection by realization of security instruments,

Banking and finance

Banking and finance is our principal area of expertise in which we possess specialised knowledge and vast experience. At the very beggining of the Office practice we had the opportunity to commence the collaboration with one of the largest Slovenian banks and its subsidiaries operating in the area of financial services. The focus of their presence in the Serbian market is lending money to Serbian companies, so that:

  • foreign exchange operations cross-border lending, guarantee transactions,
  • security packages in cross-border lending,
  • legal opinions with respect to the financial projects, and
  • legal support in project financial completion,

have been a part of our day-to-day assignments for more than a decade. We offer a full legal service to the clients operating in the financial services industry in conducting creditor-debtor relationship and particularly relating to all means of recovery, creditor and/or debtor change, participation in bankruptcy proceedings etc. In the course of providing consultancy services to our banking clients we have established excellent relationships with relevant regulatory bodies – banking and foreign currency transactions department of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS), insurance department of NBS, Securities and Exchange Commision. This is of major importance in Serbian business environment – most issues are not always clear and in many situations we have to consult the regulators first. In this sense, our relationship with the regulators would probably be of great benefit to our clients in financial services industry.

Court proceedings

Our expertise in representing clients in the court proceedings has been constantly developed since the Office establishment and this aspect of our practice we regard as the most important one, considering the importance and the consequences court disputes have or may have to the client's businesses. Our experience in representing clients in court proceedings lasts over a decade and we pride ourselves in the number of disputes completed successfully.

We have extensive experience in insurance recovery cases as we represent one of the leading insurance companies in Serbia.

Enforcement proceedings over debtor's assets and litigations related to debt collection became an ordinary course of our practise over the last couple of years.

Over the last couple of years we actively participate in representation of clients who operate in financial industry in the bankruptcy proceedings over their debtor's assets and in that respect we act as clients' representatives in the Creditors' Committee as well as in reorganisation plans negotiation process.

Furthermore, we possess extensive expertise in defending clients in criminal law proceedings charged with commercial criminal offences.

Our clients

The Office continuously represents and offers legal services mostly to overseas clients whose subsidiaries operate in the territory of the Republic of Serbia either by those companies having incorporated new companies in Serbia or by having taken over control of local companies.

Among the top 10 of our clients are:

  • NOVA LJUBLJANSKA BANKA DD Ljubljana, Slovenia and its Group member companies: NLB InterFinanz AG Switzerland, NLB Srbija doo Beograd, NLB Leasing doo Ljubljana, Slovenia, NLB MONTENEGROBANKA Podgorica, Montenegro, LHB AG Frankfurt, Germany,
  • AMIGA doo Kraljevo
  • Member companies of the Group KB1909 Gorizia, Italy who operate in Serbia: Consulting KB1909 doo Beograd and Mark Medical doo Beograd,
  • Merkur Versicherung AG Graz, Austria and Merkur Insurance Belgrade, Serbia
  • Izoterm-Plama Slovenia and Serbia
  • LAMES SpA Viareggio, Italy and LAMES doo Sremska Mitrovica
  • BEHA Gmbh Germany and BEHA R&D doo Beograd, Serbia
  • AFAKTOR Factoring Finance Slovenia/Serbia
  • TRIGLAV Slovenia
  • COMMERCE doo Ljubljana, Slovenia and others


The Office is a member of IUSFUL – European Legal Network since 2010.

IUSFUL European Legal Network is a network of law firms of the same business orientation representing small and middle size clients, both legal entities and individuals, which develop their business activities overseas. Currently, IUSFUL Network consists of law firms from the following 16 countries,: England (London), Belgium (Gant), France (Paris), Spain (Barcelona), Germany (Berlin and Hamburg), Italy (Trieste), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Poland (Warszawa), Check Republic (Prague), Slovakia (Bratislava), Hungary (Budapest), Croatia (Zagreb), Serbia (Belgrade), Bulgaria (Sofia), Cyprus (Nicosia) and Denmark (Sønderborg) with the ultimate goal to expand its activities into as many countries as possible

As a member of IUSFUL Network our Office (i) offers legal support to our overseas colleagues, i.e. to their clients who need representation services in the territory of the Republic of Serbia and (ii) provides our clients with legal support if necessary in their international business activities.

Together with our colleagues from IUSFUL Network we organize annual conferences as well as work meetings throughout the year establishing good collegial relationship by sharing experiences and opinions necessary for collaboration on mutual projects at the same time developing personal relationship with our overseas colleagues which we deem crucial for building professional and personal confidence.

To get more information about IUSFUL Network member’s law firms please visit: www.iusful.com

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